Color buffing refers to the polishing of a metal or non-metal to bring out the materials natural color through the buffing process. Schaffner manufactures a wide range of buffing compounds designed specifically for color buffing. These are broken out into two main categories, Chrome coloring rouges or buffing compounds and white coloring compounds.

Chrome Coloring Rouges

Superior Rouge

White Rouge
  • A medium dry grade for all classes of chromium and stainless steel color buffing.
  • A white compound made from pure alumina that produces a good cutting and coloring action without creating scratches.

Lightning Rouge

  • Contains more grease binders and sharper abrasives.
  • Particularly recommended for badly burnt chrome plate.

Pink Rouge

Color Rouge
  • A dry grade made of fine red rouge and pure alumina.
  • Excellent cutting and high coloring qualities.

Rouge for Hard Chrome Plate

  • Developed especially for buffing down hard chrome plated surfaces to a smooth lustrous finish.
  • Cuts fast and leaves the work clean.

White Coloring Compounds

For Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Intended for buffing non-ferrous metals where the work surface is in good condition, free of deep tool or die marks. White Coloring Compound to produce a mirror-bright finish.
  • White Coloring is also excellent for buffing copper-plated parts to a bright clear luster.

White Coloring Compound (Dry)

  • Very hard, dry grade for light coloring work on zinc die castings, brass, and sheet aluminum.
  • Produces a high, lustrous color and being a dry grade, it does not load up on the buff or pack in crevices or recesses of the work.

White Coloring Compound (Medium Greasy)

  • Adaptable for cutting down and coloring the average run of aluminum, brass, and die cast metals.
  • Also used extensively for buffing copper-plated articles, particularly where a regular Tripoli Compound is too severe and removes too much of the copper-plate.
  • Contains a sufficient amount of grease binders to be used on most automatic buffing applications.

"Cut and Color" Coloring Compound (Medium Dry)

  • Grade of a light brown color, resulting from the fact that Tripoli abrasive powder has been blended into the formula to increase the cutting action over that normally produced by a "Cut and Color" Coloring Compound.
  • The double-duty action resulting from this combination makes it a very popular grade for general all-around job shop work on non-ferrous metals.
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