Liquid Compound

Liquid and buffing compounds are the emulsified form of solid buffing compounds. They are water-soluble emulsions that are applied by one of two methods.

Method 1 is a conventional system. Buffing compound is pumped from a drum or hopper through an air spray system. Air accompanies this compound as it is dispersed from the spray gun. This type of material has viscosities ranging from 10,000 to 65,000 cp.

Method 2 is an air-less high-pressure system. This method uses the principle of aspiration. The liquids are viscous and thick and leave the gun under heavy pressure.

There are also buffing compounds for steel and stainless steel. Liquid compound is pumped from a drum or hopper through an air spray system. Air accompanies this compound as it is dispersed from the spray guns.

Tripoli Liquid Buffing Compounds

Liquid Compound

TRIPOLI COMPOUNDS - for buffing copper, brass, aluminum and zinc die castings.

TS - 3190 HIGH CUT AND COLOR LIQUID COMPOUND - this is a medium dry type of compound often referred to as "double-duty Tripoli" because it cuts down and colors the work in one buffing operation in many applications. Leaves the work clean and free of grease film. (Similar to our T-3l9 Cut and Color Bar.)

TS - 3030 CUT AND COLOR LIQUID COMPOUND - for good cut and color, a medium greasy grade which has proven to be our most popular all around grade. It has very good cutting and coloring qualities making it an ideal compound for shops running a variety of work.

TS - 3080 FAST CUT LIQUID COMPOUND - a fast cutting grade of Tripoli containing a high percentage of coarse abrasives. Used extensively on heavy buffing work and on all types of automatic buffing machines.

Liquid Buffing Compounds for Steel and Stainless Steel

55 - 9000 EXTRA F A5T CUT LIQUID COMPOUND - ideal for buffing out tool marks, scratches, etc. Used where the heaviest of cut is necessary and also produces a fair' color to the work.

55 - 8500 F A5T CUT AND COLOR LIQUID COMPOUND - this number gives excellent combinations of both cut and color for single operation finish. The color is not as good as 55-3000 nor the cut as good as 55-9000 but is used entirely as a cut and color combination.

55 - 3000 HIGH MIRROR COLOR LIQUID COMPOUND - this grade will produce the highest color possible on all grades of stainless steel. It should not be used where great cutting qualities are needed. However, along with high color it will produce a very slight cut.

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